Thursday, 14 September 2017

a girl with a dream

A girl with a dream

There is a place far away from here called the enchanted forest. In the enchanted forest there are homes made of mushrooms for pixies and fairies and treehouses for the woodland people. Lemonade filled the rivers and streams and Fireflies lit the forest at night. The enchanted forest was magical except for one place and that place was the big bad boys house. The long stony path to the property was covered in glass that had cracked from the windows and fallen off timber from the crooked roof. Inside of the house everything was ripped or smashed except for a glass cabinet that stored every trophy the big bad boy had one in starlight soccer.

A few blocks down from the house in a cottage by the stream lived a little girl named Holly her pale skin was covered in freckles. She always wore a light pink dress that went down to her knees. Hollys chestnut coloured hair was tied up in a ponytail to avoid dirt getting in it.

Holly was sitting by the stream looking at the little fishes until she found flowing in the water a flyer advertising starlight soccer.. Holly decided for herself that she should try out. ¨I choose you¨ the big bad boy said as Holly arrived. At first she thought she was early and soon realized she was late.. ¨I choose him¨ the big bad boy said ¨her him her him¨ it went on and on until there was one person left sadly that was Holly. The big bad boy stormed up to her ¨there is no way I am choosing you your just a girl look behind me they are a group of the biggest baddest creatures around I bet I could huff and I could puff and I could blow you down. You probably don't even know how to play.¨ and with that the big bad boy went back to to his group. ¨I do me and my dad used to play so because of that  I will choose my own group. She ran off and went to find others to recruit in her team little did she know up above her in the clouds there was a girl who saw Holly's sorrow. And wanted to help.

Holly was now furious and wanted to defeat the big bad boy at his own game. She  went to find the biggest baddest creatures but the big bad boy was right there were no more creatures worth being in starlight soccer. Just as Holly was  about to give up down from the heavens came a girl her hair was on fire and her dress was covered in ashes ¨look I know you are angry but think he has recruited big muscular creatures but on the inside of them they are just little balls of dumbness my tip for you is to get the more strategic players starting with me.¨ who are you anyway¨ holly asked curiously. ¨ I am flare and I am here to help I come from the clouds as you are in need.¨ Ok I trust you enough to work with you. Then they went to find the team members of choice. They chose every smart person  available until they had a full team.

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